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Withdrawing your Cash Back is easy and secure with SaveMate. We provide convenient options for our shoppers. Most options offer an e-wallet withdrawal. You may use the funds from your e-wallet as either an online payment or transfer to your bank account (fees may apply). SaveMate pays your available Cash Back 3 times per year (in March, July, and November) upon your request, which must be submitted by you during the month prior to the relevant payout month . If you need help withdrawing your Cash Back, please contact our Customer Support Team.

*Applicable Fees Will Apply on all Transfers as Follows:

Please note that some payment options charge load or transfer fees. You are required to pay all fees related to a withdrawal. All fees are deducted from the requested withdrawal amount.


PayPal is a wallet withdrawal option. Withdrawal fees apply.


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It takes stores an average of 30-90 days to pay applicable Cash Back. Once we have received the Cash Back from our partner stores, the status of your purchase will change from “pending” to “completed” and your Cash Back will be available on your Dashboard for withdrawal. Tracked Cash Back earnings will appear in your overview as soon as the store provides a status update. If your purchase does not appear as “pending” in your account within 14 days, please submit the Missing Purchase form below.

*For customers in India, if your purchase does not appear on your Dashboard within 5 days of the purchase date, please submit a Missing Purchase form.

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NOTE: Please allow 14 days for purchases to post. All travel reservations — including hotel, airline and car rental — must be completed before purchases post in your account. Participating stores will only respond to purchase inquiries made within 90 days.

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